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Bret Harte Teaching Staff

Bret Harte Teaching Staff

 Allured, David  Music  1086
 Avrit, Amy  Mathematics  1042
 Baldwin, Ken  Arch/Mech Drafting/CAD/ROP/Graphic Design  1015
 Barker, Colby  Drama  1022
 Beck, Roy  Agriculture  1012/1329
 Brady, David  Spanish  1051
 Burita, Jason  English/Yearbook  1040
 Byrnes, Jonathan  Physical Education  1324
 Cragun, Kevin  Special Education  1046
 Davis, Larkin  Special Education  1023
 Dufloth, Eli  World History/AP Euro History  1031
 Duggan, David  Audio Production/Director Performing Arts Center  1085
 Farley, Kathy  Chemistry/Science  1046
 Ingalls, Todd  Agriculture  1012
 Johnson, Verne  Gov't-Econ/Wood Shop/Renaissance  1026/1016
 Juarez, Richard   Physical Education  1084
 Lane, Heath  Physical Education/Athletic Director  1318
 Maurer, Jerre  Biology/Physiology  1048
 Maurer, Keith  Science/Physics  1049
 Oliver, Derek  English/AP Literature  1033
 Olsen-Miller, Ingrid  Special Education  1044
 Phillips, Carrie  Agriculture/Floriculture  1014
 Randall, Timothy  Mathematics  1045
 Reese, Andrew  English  1039
 Reiter, Tom  Mathematics  1043
 Reynoso, Anthony  Spanish  1050
 Rucker, Jerry   Computer Skills/Consumer Math  1036
 Sadler, Gordon  Mathematics  1041
 Schneider, Suzi  Home Economics  1008-1010
 Sepulveda, Teri  Special Education  1030
 Sooter, Ken  Auto Shop  1018
 Stelling, Cathy  Economics/Government./AP Government  1038
 Teale, Molly  Special Education  1372
 Telezinski, Christina  English  1024
 Todd, Cameron  Fire Tech  1052
 Truman, Jennifer  US History/AP History  1034
 Waelty, Mark  Art  1011
 Werthman, Lisa  Special Education  1025