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Local Scholarships

Newly Added Additional Scholarships:


Alumni Wrestling Boosters - #76

Two $300.00 scholarships offered. 2.5 minimum GPA, no specific course of study. Full time college enrollment required, no additional forms.  Criteria: Must participate or assist in BH Wrestling program, scholarship will be awarded after college transcript is sent confirming completion of first semester. 


AAUW #77 (see link)






Scholarship Video

Dear Seniors and Parents:

It’s scholarship time!

The local scholarship information  available on this webpage includes:

  • Scholarship application
  • Essay instruction sheet
  • Activity Record
  • Scholarship checklist (on white paper, NOT yellow as Mr. Lane discussed)
  • List of local scholarships being offered

(You may download the forms or pick up the forms in the office on the front table.)

To apply for local scholarships, please follow the steps below:

  1. Read through the local scholarship list and mark ALL of the scholarships you plan to apply for. Apply to ALL scholarships you qualify for. If you have questions regarding your qualifications for a particular scholarship, contact Mrs. Brooksher.  Pay close attention to scholarships that have additional requirements (separate applications, letters of recommendation, essays, etc.) **Download additional requirements from the Local Scholarships webpage. Some scholarship organizations have their own deadlines and you are responsible to submit your application directly to them by their due date.
  2. Complete the scholarship application and activity record ONLINE located on the Local Scholarships webpage. (Go to parent/student tab and select Local Scholarships). Be sure to check for accuracy, print a copy and save to your computer. Leave the “Name of Scholarship” section blank on the application. Print a copy of your transcript from your student portal (transcript does not need to be signed).   
  3. Begin the rough draft of your essay and have it proofread several times. Finalize your essay.
  4. To stay organized, make a file for each scholarship you are applying for. Make sure to keep master copies of your application, essay, transcript and activity record readily available.
  5. Ask for letters of recommendation now.  When asking for letters of recommendation, always give a self-addressed stamped envelope (if mailing letter) and a copy of your activity record to the recommender.  Give the recommender two weeks to write your letter.
  6. Check the Local Scholarships webpage frequently for information on newly added scholarships.   

After you have completed the steps above, prepare your scholarship packets by following the instructions below:

  1. Check off each scholarship you applied for on the scholarship checklist.
  2. Make one copy of completed scholarship packet for each scholarship.
  3. Assemble a complete packet for each scholarship in the following order depending on the scholarship requirements:
    • Standard Scholarship Packet
      • 1st Scholarship Application
      • 2nd Essay
      • 3rd Transcript
      • 4th Activity Record
      • 5th ACT/SAT Score Sheet (if needed)
    • Packet Requiring Additional Information
      • ​​​​​​​1st Scholarship Application
      • 2nd Separate Application/Separate essay
      • 3rd Essay
      • 4th Letter(s) of Recommendation (if requested)
      • 5th Transcript
      • 6th Activity Record
  4.  Fill in the name of the scholarship on each application.
  5. Staple each individual scholarship packet. Turn in one stack of packets with only one (1) Scholarship Checklist on top of stack. Do not put scholarship packets in individual folders!!!

ALL scholarship applications are due to Mrs. Brooksher no later than 3:30 PM on March 12th NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

Take advantage of these scholarship opportunities, there is something for everyone!


Courtney Brooksher

Scholarship Coordinator