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JV Head Coach- Jessica Delgado
Posted 3/27/19

As a Bret Harte Bullfrog myself, my passion for volleyball came when I played the sport during ’04-‘08. I got to see the coaching side of things as a senior bullfrog running a camp for local middle schoolers and my love for the game grew. I appreciate the fact that I am a true product of Bret Harte Volleyball and the program has helped mold me into the adult I am today. In 2011, I was hired to coach here at Bret Harte and have been a volleyball coach for 8 years now. Coaching and building this program has become an incredible experience for me. In addition to coaching, I have been working on campus in the Special Education department as a paraprofessional since 2016. I have found a true sense of pride in continuing to help it grow in a positive direction.


Bret Harte volleyball has not only become a successful program, but a family on campus to our student-athletes. We continue to work hard and teach our teams how to play, compete, and find a passion in this great sport. I am excited for the upcoming season and hope to see you all at the next game!  Go Bret Harte!