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Bret Harte FHA-HERO


FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA is a nonprofit career and technical student organization for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education in public and private school through grade 12.


FHA-HERO helps students...


Gain Skills For Life
FHA-HERO offers members opportunities for developing leadership skills,  exploring career paths, interacting with school and community members  and coordinating chapter programs. Today, these skills are developed  through FHA-HERO activities and the home economics careers and  technology curriculum.

Provides Leadership Opportunities
For  the past 67 years, FHA-HERO has provided leadership experiences to  students at four levels of the organization by developing a strong  network consisting of chapter, region, state, and national structures.  Elected officers at each level are responsible for planning and  implementing activities such as the Region Officers Training Conference and annual State Leadership Meeting.


Apply Skills Learned in Curriculum
The FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA offers the Competitive Recognition Events program for students to apply skills learned in the classroom  and to receive recognition for their accomplishments. The CRE program  consists of 20 events; such as Culinary Arts Display, Energy and  Resource Conservation, Job Application and Interview and Fashion Design. Corporations and institutions provide support for the program with cash donations, scholarships and prizes for the state winners.


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CREs (Competitive Recognition Events)

The Competitive Recognition Events are contests in 20 career-related areas that prepare members of FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA for the world of work.Participation in the Competitive Recognition Events gives Home Economics Careers and Technology students the confidence, motivation, and experience to be successful in the workplace. Individual, team, and chapter events are offered to students in high school, junior high school, or middle school. Senior division participants include those in grades 10-12 and ROCP, junior division participants are in grades 6-9. Members compete at various levels - qualifying, state, and in some cases national finals.

Chapter Events:
Chapter Activities Manual
Chapter Exhibit

Team Events:
Applied Technology
Energy and Resource Conservation
Nutrition Education

Individual Events:
Apparel Construction
Child Development
Consumer Education
Creed Recitation
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Job Application and Interview
Menu Planning and Table Display
Prepared Speech
Salad Preparation
Teaching Careers


Students can compete in any of the above mentioned categories.  In the spring, there is a preliminary competition at the Spring Region Meeting.  If a student places 1st-5th they may compete at the state level.


Learn more about CREs here!

2014 State Leadership Meeting Highlights


The California FHA-HERO Creed

(Adopted March 29, 2004)

(Updated April 2011)

I am a member of FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA.

I believe in the value of Home Economics Careers and Technology Education. The education I receive through this program prepares me for success in a challenging and productive career.

I believe in the dignity of work. I know that diligent effort is the foundation upon which all success is built. I recognize the significance of home economics related industries to the strength of our economy and the viability of the family unit in our society.

I believe that a successful career professional must be equipped with effective interpersonal and leadership skills. I recognize the FHA-HERO organization as an excellent opportunity for personal development. Through involvement in FHA-HERO activities, I am confident I will improve my value in the workplace and my contribution to family and community.

I believe in democracy’s meaning, the value that comes from people who are different in origin, strength and contributions. I know that democracy has its roots in positive family living and must be first achieved in the home before it can be achieved in the world.

I believe through participation in Home Economics Careers and Technology and FHA-HERO, I gain a better understanding of justice, courage, integrity, cooperation and trust. I accept the challenge to use these ideals to contribute to the betterment of my home, community and work.

I am a member of FHA-HERO: The California Affiliate of FCCLA.

Your Region 4 Officers
Left to Right

President: Holly Peterson - Rocklin High School

Vice President: Beanna Baptista - Rocklin High School

Secretary: Josseline Casal - Cordova High School

Treasurer: Liz Carillo - San Juan High School

Historian: Grace Stockert - San Juan High School

Reporter: Mele Vaivai - San Juan High School


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Chapter Officers

To be announced!

FHA Calendar

State Project Thrusts

Think Green- Help prevent the destruction of our environment

Feed a Friend- Extend a helping hand to those who are unable to feed themselves

Fill the Need- Participate in local community organizations


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What students gain by being a member of FHA HERO
What students gain by being a member of FHA HERO

Purposes of FHA HERO

* To provide opportunities for self-development and preparation for family and
community living and for employment
* To strengthen the function of the family as the basic unit of society
* To encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and the community
* To encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve worldwide
* To institute programs promoting greater understanding between youth and adults
* To provide opportunities for decision making and for assuming responsibility
* To become aware of the multiple roles of men and women in today's society
* To develop interest in home economics careers and technology and related