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Daily screening form and return process

School Nurse Contact Info

Becca Hancock, MSN, RN

Credentialed School Nurse


Phone # 209-736-8381

Cell# 209-770-6833

Confidential Fax # 209-736-6077

The school nurse's office is located in the main office on the Bret Harte High School Main Campus

Staff Hub

Staff Training Resources

These videos are posted as guidance for staff and are not intended to be distributed outside of this platform. Unauthorized use and/or distribution of these resources is a violation of several legal statutes. Please contact me directly if you need further assistance with any training provided or have request for training needs. 

Basic Prevention Strategies - this video covers basic methods of risk reduction including hand hygeine, face covering guidance, social distancing, and symptom screening 


If you wish to be tested for any reason, including surveillance testing or because of concerns related to symptoms or possible exposure, the county testing center is located at the fairgrounds. 

COVID Testing center info covidtesting

Please remember: testing is specific to the moment the test was administered. If new concerns arise after testing, you will need to be retested. 

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TB Risk Screenings

TB risk screenings are required every 4 years (HR will notify you prior to your due date). These can be completed by your school nurse. Contact me to schedule your appointment. 

  • Appointments only take a few minutes to complete
  • Appointments must be completed in person
  • Most school employees only need a screening

TB Risk Screening Form