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What Renaissance Does

Renaissance students support the values of the Bret Harte High School Renaissance department. Committees of Bret Harte Renaissance: PHAT, Scholarship Bowls, Food for GPA’s, BUG (Bring up Grades), Recycling, Pond Patrol (Freshman Mentoring), You’ve Got a Friend in me (all-inclusivity of student body), and Fundraising. Renaissance commissioners help coordinate fundraising efforts for scholarships. 

20/21 Renaissance Officers

President: Kailynn Saylor

Secretary: Graceana Shaw 

Publicist: Zoe Day Kamara

Fundraising Coordinators: 

Shein Htet & Edwin Robles Ramos

Renaissance Coordinators:

Luke McCamey

Burgen Melton

JB Pryor

Melana Wakefield


Renaissance Logo
Renaissance VaLues


Respect to each other, our-selves, academic performance, character development, all-inclusivity of student body, and to the staff and faculty (staffulty) dedicated to helping students succeed in all aspects.


Renaissance creates an energized culture of recognition that runs broad and deep. It’s a culture that is purposeful in identifying achievements of all stakeholders and thoughtful in recognizing them. A Renaissance culture is focused on catching students (and educators) doing something awesome.


Renaissance reward students for actions and achievements that align with what the school respects. There are many examples of Renaissance rewards — each of them serves to show appreciation to the efforts of students and teachers, to reinforce the behaviors that are valued and respected at school, and to provide motivation for more achievements. By implementing a system of rewards, we can illustrate how the hard work students and educators put in comes with benefits. Bret Harte Renaissance is well known for their scholarship bowls and investing in the far-reaching abilities of Bret Harte students’ talents.


If our respects are most important, that message should be reinforced with all stakeholders all year long. Reinforcing our values in all stakeholders comes back and reinforces school culture.


When students and educators work together to RESPECT each other, ourselves, academic performance, character development, all-inclusivity of student body, and to the staff and faculty (staffulty), and when they RECOGNIZE, REWARD and REINFORCE achievements in these areas in fun and meaningful ways (for real, we’re talking fun), that leads to RESULTS. Grades go up. Tardiness goes down. Graduation rates improve. Relationships are built. And morale goes through the roof, creating a climate and culture where everyone feels and knows that they matter.

Renaissance Calendar
Scholarship Winners

Students of all classes can win Renaissance scholarships; we keep a spreadsheet to issue your Senior year.

Please send thank you and proof of enrollment from the college registrar's office to:

Bret Harte High School

Attention: Renaissance

PO BOX 208

Altaville, CA 95221