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"Who Are We?"

Curious and precocious Bret Harte High students, especially geeks, techies and other outliers, led by adult onset nerds.

Want to help?

We welcome help, donations, suggestions, etc.

Please contact us! Thank you!

Contact Information

We can be reached at:

or "friend" us on Facebook: Cybullfrogs

2015 Cybullfrogs Triathlon Participants

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"What We Do?"

The purpose of the club is to provide opportunities for interested Bret Harte High students to explore robotics, programming and electronics,and to promote such interest within the greater community.

Coming Up

Our next events will be in the Exhibition, on Saturday, April 25, 2020

The registration for all events starts at 9:00 AM and the event begins approximately at 10:00 AM.

As always, there is no entry fee.


Please email if you have questions at

Calaveras Community Foundation Strikes Again

One year after generously awarding almost $10,000 via a competitive grant, the Calaveras Community Foundation has again approved our second grant application for approximately the same amount.


​We plan to upgrade our technology used in the ROV development by students, acquire additional EV3 kits as Cybullfrogs enrollment increases, and purchase Arduino kits. This growth in student activity in technology will be augmented by robotic and programming done in CFLC, Avery, and Mark Twain schools, as well as the pending addition of programming classes at Bret Harte. 

"What's Going On?"

Having successfully scheduled numerous Lego-oriented events during the 2014-19 school years, we continue to schedule two-to-three LEGO Events a year, typically, Tug-of-War, SumoBot, and the Exhibition.

Updated rules, descriptions, and resource links will be made available within this page's left column.


Is there an entry fee to participate? No.

Are events open to homeschoolers? Absolutely.

Must participants belong to a LEGO club or class? No.

Can I contact Mr. Randall if I have questions? Certainly.

Can I use either an NXT, EV3, or FATCAT EVB kit? Yes.