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Speed Build Rules

Speed Build

Speed Build Rules


LEGO Speed Build


The Speed Build is a new event for Cybullfrogs popularized by Maine Robotics , a not-for-profit corporation designed to promote skill and interests in engineering.


Maine Robotics has generously allowed Cybullfrogs to use their parts lists and building instructions for this year’s competition.


The object of this timed event is for contestant to build a robot with a given list of parts and given directions which will travel one foot.




Each contestant must bring the complete list of parts for either the Simple NXT Robot or the Simple EV3 Robot.


Contestants may lay out their parts prior to the start of the timed event.

It is highly recommend that contestants use their setup time to turn on the robot’s brain so there is no need to wait for it to power up later.


Access to printed directions during building is permissible.


Robot must be completely built according to the building instructions prior to moving the required one foot distance.


Building begins at the start of the timer. The timer stops after the robot travels one foot.


A maximum time of 6 minutes is allowed, after which the contestant must terminate her/his efforts.



IMPORTANT: The robots MUST be programmed by the contestants ahead of time to drive forward. At the competition she or he will just need to build it, and hit run. There is to be no time delay in the program.


The current world record is 2 minutes, 1 second. Good luck.