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Technology Support

Remote Support

For a remote support session, please schedule an appointment with our office.
Before the appointment please click the remote support link
TeamViewer will start downloading in the lower left of Chrome
Once downloaded click on the box to open and provide us with the User ID and Password


Google Meet Freezing/Crashing

Go to the three vertical dots upper right in Chrome
Select "open new incognito window"
Sign in to Chrome with your Google account and try to enter a Meet


Also, in standard Chrome, check and disable any extensions that you have added by clicking the puzzle piece in the upper right
and clicking manage extensions.  You can toggle the bar to disable the extension.
click the three vertical dots again and select "more tools"
click clear browsing data
make sure the cached images is selected and time is set to all time
restart the computer and sign back in and try to enter your meet.


Microphone disabled by system admin

Type control panel in the white search box in the lower left of the computer.
Click in the upper right the “View by:  Category” and select “small icons”  
Now, click on “Sound”
Click the recording tab
Double click on the microphone (should have one that has a green check)
Now click the “levels” tab
Under microphone array you will see a number and a speaker icon
Click the speaker icon to un-mute it

If that does not work, continue to these steps:

Make sure you are in your google meet in chrome.
Right click on sound settings
Open Sound Settings
Scroll down and click App volume and device preferences
Make sure Chrome is listed in the Apps
Click reset
Refresh the google meet (it will kick you out and you will have to rejoin)


No Camera/Microphone in Google Meet

Enter fully into your Google Meet
On the bottom bar of the Meet, click the three vertical dots (more options) on the very right of the bar
Click settings
Select video settings for camera options/Select audio settings for microphone options
See what options under camera/microphone are found by your computer
Select your computer camera/microphone from the list provided


Logging on to a school laptop with a local user account

Select "Other User" at the login screen
Click on "How do I sign in to another domain?
The computer name will be shown below.  It will look something like CT410117571
Type this computer name and \ and bhstudent as the username.  Ex - CT410117571\bhstudent (make sure you use a backslash \ not forward slash /)
Enter the local user account password given upon checkout