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Water Polo


Girls Coach:

Carissa Spathias


Boys Coach:

Dave Hoselton


Bret Harte Water Polo Clinics:


NCAA Eligibility Center:

Information for parents, athletes and coaches about eligibility for NCAA sport participation. If you want to play NCAA sports at a Division I or II school, you need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. 

Clinic and Scrimmages General Info



When are the Clinics and Scrimmages held?


There are three (3) Clinics scheduled for the Saturdays of May 4, June 22, and July 13 from 12:00pm-4:00pm.


There are seven (7) Scrimmages scheduled for the Thursdays starting June 6 through July 25 from 7:00pm-9:00pm. There is no scrimmage on July 4.



Where are the Clinics and Scrimmages held?


Each and every clinic and scrimmage is held at the Bret Harte Aquatic Center, 387 Murphys Grade Rd, Angels Camp, CA 95222. Phone is 209-736-8321.



Who can attend a Clinic or a Scrimmage?


Player/participants, Coaches, Parents, and other spectators from all areas are welcome to attend.



Is there an admittance fee?


There is no-charge to attend, player /participants pay a registration fee. Parking is free in the lot immediately adjacent to the aquatic center.


Player participants from all schools can attend but are subject to the registration fee. For example, once an 8th grader graduates in June, he/she is eligible to attend clinics and/or scrimmages as a player. After a senior graduates, he/she is no longer eligible to attend clinics and/or scrimmages as a player – so the May clinic (Modesto Junior College) is still viable for Seniors.



What is the cost and registration requirement for a player to attend a Clinic?


Each clinic costs $25.00 per player participant. An authorized (signed) waiver for each player is also required to attend a clinic. A single signed waiver also covers multiple clinics or the entire series of three (3) clinics.



What is the cost and registration required for a player to attend a Scrimmage?


The entire scrimmage series cost is $10, per player. One $10 payment allows a player to attend the full series of seven (7) scrimmages.


An authorized (signed) waiver for each player is also required to attend a scrimmage. A single signed waiver also covers multiple scrimmages or the entire series of seven (7) scrimmages.



Can a high school team scrimmage together as a high school team, and which team do they scrimmage against?


Seven (7) players from the same high school should come to Bret Harte and scrimmage together as a team! Please notify us in advance to reserve a Thursday for your team. Your team will scrimmage against the All Stars. 



How are single or multiple players from a high school allocated to teams?


Bret Harte Coach Dave Hoselton or his assigned will determine which players are on which teams.



How does a player become an All Star, and how does a player earn an All Star t-shirt?


A player becomes an All Star by attending scrimmages other than with his/her high school team. The All Star t-shirts are awarded at the final scrimmage in July only to players who attend all of the scrimmages.



What exactly is a ‘Scrimmage’, and why must we adhere to the defined procedures of a scrimmage?


All high school sports adhere to CIF regulations, and CIF defines what constitutes a water polo scrimmage. The definition is further understandable by CIF differentiating a scrimmage event from a regular water polo game.



Who conducts/coaches the clinics?


This season the first clinic (May 4), is by Modesto Junior College who puts on one of the most favored clinics.


Our coach sponsors for each clinic are collegiate level coaches. In 2018 (last year), sponsors were Merced Junior College, Modesto Junior College, and American River College. Congratulations to American River College who went on to win their Big 8 Conference. Congratulations also to Merced Junior College who eliminated ARC from the NorCal playoffs as the winner of that game.



What is accepted ‘water polo event behavior’, and which person is the arbitrator of acceptable behavior, and what is the penalty for unacceptable behavior?


CIF and FICA both define acceptable behavior for attendees at a water polo event – that includes coaches, parents and spectators, and players.


The arbitrator is Bret Harte Coach Dave Hoselton, or his assigned arbitrator.


The penalty for unacceptable behavior is ultimately ejection from the premises. If the person(s) does not leave willingly when so instructed, the Angels Camp Police Department will immediately be notified.


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